Why Smart Glasses Rumours Might Open Up New Possibilities for iGaming

The world of technology is so fast-paced at the moment that it can feel like new innovations are emerging on a daily basis. Exciting new announcements are being made all of the time, while consumers are in a constant rush to get their hands on the latest new devices and systems.

However, while it might be hard for some people to keep up with every single new trend or technology that emerges, one sector which has undoubtedly managed to keep its finger on the pulse through the years is the iGaming industry.

Embracing new innovations

Time and time again the area has been ahead of the game on effectively embracing exciting new innovations, with many sites introducing mobile-friendly options at the earliest opportunity. Mobile gaming is a huge area, with Newzoo predicting in June that it will generate revenues of more than $77 billion this year alone. The humble slot machine has also been adapted into a fully immersive online experience, with titles embracing a range of themes in order to offer consumers a different style of play. For example, the Gold of Maya slot from Gamzix uses features including background music and other elements to create an intriguing atmosphere. iGaming has also effectively embraced different payment methods including PayPal and Skrill in recent times, while it was quick to move on video streaming as well. Live casino experiences make effective use of the technology: at Betway it's possible to play live blackjack and roulette and it's clear these games have benefitted from the move. The site outlines how roulette players get the chance to see the wheel spin in real-time, while those tackling blackjack can feel like they are at a table surrounded by other players. In addition, iGaming has recognized the potential of eSports betting in the last few years, while cryptocurrency is also a matter known to be on its radar. What could be the next big innovation to affect the scene?

Smart glass speculation

One development which may have a role to play is the concept of smart glasses. Wearable technology has been having an impact in recent years and speculation is now rife that several major brands are looking at this area. Sites like MacRumors have hinted that Apple may be creating a headset, with there also being a few suggestions on what the technology could offer. One potential feature discussed by the site was that the glasses might project controls onto real-world items which then react when they are touched.


Apple is not the only big name thought to be investigating this area either, with reports suggesting that Samsung is also hard at work on a product. Earlier this month, Patently Apple outlined how it is thought Facebook, Google and Huawei have an interest in the concept as well.

New possibilities?

But just what could all of this ultimately mean for the world of iGaming? Well, while we are admittedly speculating at this point, it could be argued that the technology may open up new possibilities for the industry. For example, if smart glasses are set to have a focus on augmented reality, is it beyond the realms of possibility that casino gamers may be able to put the glasses on and see a virtual roulette wheel spin on the table in front of them? Such a development could mean players get a new level of immersive experience and almost feel like they are in an authentic casino setting. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to select an online slot and see a machine featuring the game appear directly in front of you? In addition, blackjack could potentially be transformed with avatars of other players and the dealer appearing in positions around you.

Intriguing times ahead

As we have already stressed, that is all pure speculation at the moment. However, it is intriguing to think about just what smart glasses and wearable technology could offer from an iGaming perspective. Ultimately, we will first have to see what the likes of Apple and Samsung are apparently working on. The technology sounds hugely intriguing and it could well be another innovation which online casinos and betting sites look to embrace.

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