West Virginia Sports Betting, iGaming Numbers Up in March

After dropping below $50 million in total sports betting handle in February, March was much kinder to West Virginia, going well over $61 million.

In total, March saw a 24.8% increase, going from $49,271,097 in February to $61,482,860 in March. The $61,482,860 was even higher than January 2022, which posted over $58 million.

Mobile sports betting increased by 21.2%, going from $41,234,097 in February to $49,968,018 in March.

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WV Sports Betting, March vs. February

Total handle Mobile handle Revenue
March $61.483M $49.968M $3.336M
February $49.272M $41.234M $1.955M
Change Up 24.8% Up 21.2% Up70.7%

Revenue and Taxes See Dramatic Increase

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this increase in sports betting handle in West Virginia was the revenue numbers. West Virginia saw an astonishing revenue increase of 70.7%, going from $1,954,999 in February to $3,336,284 in March.

With this increase, the taxes also saw a correlated rise of the same percentage, going from $166,175 in states taxes in February to $283,584 in March.

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West Virginia iGaming Handle Goes Up Again

In addition to sports betting, West Virginia iGaming saw yet another rise.

After a 15.7% increase from January to February, there was yet another increase from February to March of 28.4% of total handle.

The figures in March were $285,392,107 compared to $222,235,429 in February.

With the increased handle, revenue also rose for iGaming, from $8,013,328 in February to $10,343,361 in March — a 29.1% increase.

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West Virginia is one of six states to offer iGaming.

April Sports Betting Handle Outlook

While March was an excellent month, this, without a doubt, aligns with March Madness.

With March Madness has come and gone, the next big sports betting event is the NBA playoffs, but it’s fair to assume that this won’t be as big of a draw as March Madness was.

We predict decrease in handle from March to April 2022.

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