Twitch to Ban Certain Gambling Streams Starting October – Details

One of the biggest live streaming platforms, Twitch, decided to amend its policies on gambling content. The company announced an update on its Twitter account, stating that it will ban all gambling content from unlicensed websites. The new policy will come into force next month.

Starting from October 18, the platform will be blocking all streaming content of gambling platforms that offer roulette, slots, and/or dice game and do not have the valid US or other jurisdiction’s license. At the same time, sports betting, DFS, and poker remain allowed streaming categories on Twitch. Gambling has been one of the fastest-growing streaming categories on the platform.

Alongside the update, the company has announced that it will ban some of the biggest iGaming sites, such as, Rollbit, Duelbit, and Roobet. In its message, Twitch also implied that there is more to come, regarding the gambling guidelines.

The update comes after the controversy on gambling streams, which has been going on for a few years now. A few years ago, a streamer named ItsSilked confessed he scammed his audience out of $200k due to his severe gambling addiction. Many popular gambling streamers have also been accused of promoting unhealthy gambling.


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