Top Gambling Comics of All Time

The world has seen a ton of movies, cartoons, and TV shows based on comics. This form of storytelling may imply various sentiments and genres. Since gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment, comics about gambling were supposed to appear sooner or later. GBC Time has listed the top gambling comics that will make you laugh.

Gambling plays a significant role in the pop culture worldwide. Movies, video games, music videos, and much more art pieces include such activities as gambling, betting, or card games paying.

Here is the top list of the most popular gambling comics that you will remember for a long time.


Akagi is known among comics fan-base thanks to its uniqueness and unpredictive. One of the first manga series about gambling was published in 1991. The main character’s name is Shigeru Akagi. And his story is telling the readers about his passion for mahjong.

His professionality in mahjong allows him to always take a win, no matter who is his opponent. Akagi often plays mahjong against various Yakuza characters. A popular Japanese mafia takes another essential role in this story. The main enemy of Akagi is a member of the mafia clan – Ivao Washizu.

This manga became extremely popular among anime fans, which inspired directors and producers to make a lot of movies and TV shows. The total number of Akagi selling is currently over 12 million copies.

Find more about the animated version of the story at the link.

One Outs

If you are a fan of the psychological thriller, this manga will be found extremely interesting. The main character named Toa Takeuchi is a baseball player and pitcher from Japan. Eventually, a popular baseball team – Lycaons offers Takeuchi to join the team.

This offer seemed attractive for the player because of the financial aspect, of course. Takeuchi had a chance to earn 50 million Yen for every run he lands.

The critics note that this story is unusually told, which makes it even more thrilling for gambling fans.

Betting Man

This manga is a perfect mixture of gambling and superpowers. The main character is a superhero name, Betting Man. It may visually remind the Marvel comics, which significantly increase their popularity among superhero fans.

Another name for Betting Man is Jin-Goo. Talking about his role as a superhero, he may not seem so positive sometimes. Jin-Goo does not always use his powers for a good purpose, but his story is still interesting and intriguing.

This manga also includes a lot of humor and jokes about gambling, which may be one of the best comics globally.

Gamble Fish

These comics are quite short but no less interesting for gambling and manga fans. Tom Shirasagi is the main character of the manga. He is a student, who joined Shishidou Academy – an elite school for kids from rich families.

Tom is a character full of secrets and his co-students will find out everything about Tom’s life.


Kaiji was released in 1996, but still, this manga is considered to be one of the most popular worldwide. Gambling is obviously the main motif in this story. Talking more specifically, this manga was animated and filmed many times. The total profit is currently over $50 million.

Kaiji is a talented player and fraud, but once upon a tie, he makes a decision, which would lead him to negative consequences.

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