Top 5 Most Popular Esports Games in 2021 (Updated)

In 2021, according to numerous cyber sports news, eSports continues to gain popularity among a larger number of people. At diverse e-sports competitions, the most skillful gamers of the world compete and earn millions of dollars. A lot of spectators follow the championships trying to cheer for their favorite teams or individual players.

More and more interesting projects representing various genres are falling into the category of e-sports disciplines. The Login Casino team has analyzed diverse tournaments in this field and compiled a list of the best e-sports games. Thus, read the following material to find out which eSports game is the best one.

What are currently the biggest esports games?


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Our list would be incomplete without the favorite video game among fans of football – one of the most popular sports in the world – since tournaments dedicated to FIFA have been taking place for so long time.

Now FIFA is one of the top e-sports games across the globe. It got to the point that real football clubs decided to collaborate with successful cybers sportsmen who represent the professional teams at diverse esports competitions. The first in this regard were the French club PSG and the Italian Roma. Now almost all clubs with great results are represented by professional gamers in FIFA.

At the end of 2019, the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 tournament was held. Its prize pool amounted to 500 000 dollars.

4. Overwatch

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This action-shooter turned into an e-sports discipline just after the release. The first leagues appeared in the Asian countries, and the prize pool of such tournaments amounted to 300 000 dollars. Further, the Overwatch championships reached both Europe and America, and the most successful players got the opportunity to participate in DreamHack, Major League Gaming, as well as Intel Extreme Masters. However, the prizes there rarely exceed 100 000 dollars.

In 2016, the Overwatch World Cup was held for the first time. One year later, the official Overwatch League was launched. In total, fourteen teams got the opportunity to compete in the league whose total prize pool was 3 500 000 dollars. In 2019, it increased to 5 000 000 dollars, and the number of teams entering the league was twenty.

Also, if you are interested in finding out what are interesting alternatives for esports – read the article about daily fantasy sports from our experts.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS: GO is another popular game among fans of eSports. Due to its long history, the game attracts both teenagers and adults.

CS: GO hosts a large number of tournaments and championships. Among them, the most popular is the World Electronic Sports Games, and in 2017, for instance, its prize pool amounted to 1 500 000 dollars. Another important event is Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.

A few words should be also told about the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 tournament dedicated to CS: GO with a prize pool of one million dollars, which was held at the end of the previous year.

2. League of Legends

what are the biggest esports games

Currently, League of Legends is thought to be the most popular e-sports discipline worldwide. The number of fans of this game already exceeded one hundred million people. However, in terms of prize pools of the main tournaments, this project is considerably inferior to the leader of our top.

In addition to the League of Legends World Championship, which has been taking place annually since 2011, there is a Continental League, where participants compete for the right to be able to take part in World Championship. The prize pool of the first World Championship was 100 000 dollars. In 2017, it reached 4 600 000 dollars, but, two years later, it decreased to 2 200 000 dollars.

Dota 2 – number 1 esports game

number 1 esports game

Released back in 2013, Dota 2 is a free multiplayer online fighting arena, MOBA, and certainly one of the most popular e-sports games across the globe. Dota 2 may not have the largest gaming community, but offers the largest prizes for winning at the annual world championship – the International. The first tournament was held in 2011, and the prize pool of that championship amounted to 1 600 000 dollars.

Since then, the prize pool of the Dota 2 world championship is growing at a frantic pace. Thus, in 2017, it amounted to twenty-three million dollars, and the team that managed to win took home an impressive $ 10.8 million. The record was set last year: the prize pool of The International 2019 was thirty-four million dollars. The winner of these competitions became the OG team – the first two-time champion in history.

Dota 2 might be also a great option to try if you want to pass the time waiting for the exact Project Awakening release date.

Frequently-asked questions on this subject

What are esports games?

Esports games are those video games that serve as a base for organized competitions between professional players, both individually or as teams.

What games are played at esports?

As a rule, games that are played at esports are multiplayer online battle arena, fighting games,

real-time strategies, and first-person shooters.

What are the biggest esports games?

At present, the top 5 most popular esports games are considered to be Overwatch, Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, and FIFA.

Top esports games 2021: the full list

Of course, the selection of the best esports games is not an easy task taking into account the number of great projects in this industry at present. However, we made a thorough analysis and singled out such games:

1. Dota 2

2. League of Legends

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

4. Overwatch


Thus, choose the game that seems to you the most interesting one and try your skills.

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