Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review 2021: The Game Based on a True Story (Updated)

If you are impatiently waiting for the Crysis 4 release, you have time to try something new. The fans of shooters will probably love Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – the game that is based on real-life events.

It isn’t a secret that usually players don’t spend much time on dull, monotonous, and static games, which don’t have updates. Gaming products that make us use our brains and invent various tactics become our favorites for a long time. Rainbow Six Siege is one of such games that will impress smart gamers who don’t want just to use the controller thoughtlessly but are going to apply their strategic thinking.

Rainbow Six Siege – a realistic tactical shooter

Created by Ubisoft, the video game developer that has dozens of products in its portfolio, Rainbow Six Siege has become a genuinely unique game. Ubisoft took real cases of counterterrorism operations as a basis and wrote the story full of difficult situations and missions. The developer has made an emphasis on its realistic game plot and, sometimes, it is even too brutal. However, the spirit of counterterrorism and militarism, taken from real life, are the main factors that make Rainbow Six Siege not just a video game but an action-thriller movie where a player is a part of the scenario.

What to expect from the gameplay?

You won’t be able to play this game in an unthoughtful manner. Rainbow Six Siege requires focused attention and the skill to analyze any situation fast. It doesn’t include much shooting because this process isn’t the major goal in this game. It is a tactical game where you should think over the best way to carry a position, for example. Players will need to create ambushes, basing on tactics that they have worked out themselves.

Gamers can use a multiplayer mode and dynamic destructions as well as laser drones, one-way mirrors, traps, etc. The game includes many useful features that allow them to create strategies with other players who are in their teams. In addition to common to shooters gunplay, gamers will also need to communicate with each other to complete missions successfully.

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t the game where you can relax and enjoy playing. Very often, it will be keeping you in a constant state of tension. The main reason for this is that players don’t have any extra life. It means that they shouldn’t be so tragic about the opportunity to start the game again.

the siege rainbow six

Anyway, this game will always remain interesting as its gameplay is constantly changing because of updates. The game contains a wide array of unexpected moments and unpredictable outcomes where everything depends on players’ strategies. A big selection of maps, locations, periods, difficulty levels, and operators turn it into an endless story.

The modes in the game

Rainbow Six Siege consists of several modes in which players can fight against artificial intelligence or other players. Here is the list of modes:

  1. Hostage;
  2. Secure Area;
  3. Tactical Realism;
  4. Bomb;
  5. Terrorist Hunt;
  6. Situations;
  7. Arcade;
  8. Seasonal Events;
  9. Outbreak.

The technical side of the game: system requirements

It is needless to say that modern video games are very demanding in terms of computer requirements. That is why the set of PC characteristics for the game is what every player wants to know.

Speaking about Rainbow Six Siege, it has the list of basic requirements, including:

  • Windows 7 or higher;
  • the Intel Core i3-560 3.3 GHz processor;
  • random-access memory of six GB;
  • and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card.

If you want to switch to the multiplayer mode, be ready to have the Internet connection with the 256kbps speed.

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What you should know about the Rainbow Six Siege operators

As far as Ubisoft often adds new operators to the game, the question about who is the best operator is very popular among players.

The first thing every gamer should know is that he or she can choose between defenders and attackers that are two types of operators in the game. The difference between them is simple. Attackers should find their rivals and complete missions, while defenders secure themselves from their enemies. In general, the game includes forty characters that have various skills, different armoring parameters, and tools to fight against rivals.

When it comes to the best operator, opinions differ. However, experienced players say that ten heroes have the most useful qualities and skills, which can help to succeed in the game. They are Smoke, Hibana, Echo, Jagger, Mozzie, Ash, Buck, Thatcher, Thermite, and Bandit.

what is the best operator in rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege in esports

Rainbow Six Siege has its league of professional players who can compete for huge sums of money. At the current time, the league is available in four regions and consists of four tournaments. The first stage is open for all players who are esports newcomers and don’t have experience in competitions. The second step is the Challenger League, and it is also a qualifying round. The Pro League and Major Tournaments are oriented only towards pro players.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Hibana is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

Are the Rainbow Six Siege servers down?

There aren’t any current maintenances in the game.

What is the highest level in Rainbow Six Siege?

The highest known level is 470.

When is the next update for Rainbow Six Siege?

The last update was in March.

When does the new Rainbow Six Siege season start?

The next season will begin in August or September.

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