The Practical Guide to Rocket League Trading 2021 (Updated)

News about video games and esports entertainment proves the fact that this market is growing and attracting more and more people. Let’s consider one of those games that deliver the best gaming experience to users.

The game has thousands of active players every month and it isn’t surprising because it has all elements that are necessary for keeping users interested. Nice-looking cars, races, soccer games … What else can be better for getting the ultimate excitement from a game?

Rocket League – a sport-based video game that attracts millions of players

The game was launched in 2015 by Psyonix – an American game developer. It became the next part of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and gained the same popularity as its predecessor had.

So, how to play the game? It combines the most favorite genres of many players: soccer plays and car races. The rules are almost the same as in traditional soccer: one ball, two goals, and players who should score with the help of their cars. Of course, such an unusual combination may seem weird but it has an opposite effect: players from around the globe spend hours competing with each other. Moreover, the game has become very interesting for the esports world because it is based on sports activities and allows users to have impressive soccer matches. All Rocket League tournaments were a success: professional players were competing for millions of dollars. Besides, follow the link and read a useful article about esports betting.

Speaking about its gameplay, it should be mentioned that there is nothing difficult in scoring goals by driving a car. Players can easily control their motions and even jump to hit the ball. In general, the game functionality is user-friendly and includes all necessary control elements. For example, players can speed up a car, bump into other users’ vehicles to damage them, move forward in flights, do various tricks, etc. The average duration of matches is five minutes. Players often compete one-on-one but they also can create teams with up to four players.

However, matches aren’t the only thing that makes this game interesting. Users can take advantage of additional features: they can buy and sell in-game items. Here is the list of items that can be traded:

  • skins;
  • credits;
  • crates;
  • blueprints;
  • keys;
  • wheels;
  • banners;
  • boosts;
  • antennas;
  • paints;
  • and many more.

Usually, players purchase various car parts to make their vehicle more powerful and fashionable. Such accessories make games more engaging because users can upgrade everything and strive for better results. That is why trading within the game is a common thing here: players frequently exchange things and improve their cars.

Getting smart with Rocket League trading: useful tips

First of all, if you have decided to start trading, you should get familiar with the Rocket League exchange system. Everything is pretty clear: players create a special room where they can invite other users. It can be carried out via the Invite to trade button. After clicking the button, a user will be redirected to the page that contains all items. Players can haggle over the price in a chat and agree to terms. When you arrive at an agreement, a needed item will be added to your list.

It is important to be careful while trading on the platform. If you exchange items with somebody whom you trust, then you shouldn’t be on the alert. However, deals with unfamiliar people may lead to scams and other unpleasant consequences. To avoid these situations, you should follow several essential rules:

  1. Always check every offer you get thoroughly. View the full list of items you trade before closing a deal. Very often, unfair players invent various methods for cheating while exchanging.
  2. Be aware of duplicators. Such people say that they know the ways how to duplicate items with the help of a special hack. It is better to block these users.
  3. Have the idea of pricing in the market.

Rocket League trading prices: how to use RL Insider to monitor pricing?

rocket league trading 2020

As has been already mentioned, you should be an expert in prices not to undersell in-game objects. RL Insider is a useful service that can help you with this. It allows players to constantly monitor prices, analyze them, and see the pricing tendencies.

This tracker will show you a full market analysis. Such information may come in handy when you are doubtful of the cost of your items. RL Insider has a convenient user interface for you to easily search for details about certain objects. For instance, you can select an item and view its statistics for several months.

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