The Next CS:GO Major Event Date & Details Released

The CS:GO game developer, Valve Corporation, confirmed the next Major tournament would be hosted by the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The organizational responsibilities will be assumed by the PGL Esports tournament operator, which was leading the PGL Major Krakow in 2017. Login Casino follows the latest esports news and explains in more detail the upcoming event.

According to the official information, the main event in the competitive CS:GO will occur in Stockholm, Sweden. The recently planned dates are October 23 – November 7, but both organizers and game developers understand that struggles with overcoming COVID-19 can change the dates. As the tournament is planned in the LAN format with a live audience on the Ericsson Globe arena with 16k seating places, the strictest health standards will be applied.

Will there be any innovative elements on the CS:GO Major?

The first thing that should be admitted is the increased prize pool for the event, which is planned to be $2 million. It is a natural reaction to the rise of the whole cybersport sector and its capitalization. Also, a few delays related to the CS:GO Major event and the absence of the tournament in 2020 forced organizers to promise a bigger prize pool for the upcoming competition.

Among the other vital aspects to mention is the streaming in the 4K resolution, which will be the first case on CS:GO Majors. The event organizer also promises to implement augmented reality features and make the broadcasting on the highest-ever level.

Continuing the coronavirus-affected measures, the teams can get to the final LAN event in Stockholm through the series of Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events, just like it was organized in 2020. To avoid connection problems, the RMR tournaments will be local and present a diverse number of places for every region. It is likely to be a rather similar scheme, but some innovative features can still be announced.

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