The Most Unusual Esports Games in 2022

The Esports industry seems one of the most financially promising sectors. The worldwide tournaments, different events, constant releases, and experiments make the industry grow and develop. GBC Time has listed the top unusual esports games in 2022, which may impress you.

Thinking of esports, the most common games on the mind are CS:Go and Dota 2. However, this market is so fast-growing and developing. The players also get something new to play or even watch at the tournaments. The list below includes some of the unusual and unique games that have already impressed the players around the world.


In this game, a player starts the action on Google Maps at any location on the planet. The sense is to guess where this location is. The closer the guess, the more points in the game. The points are scored out of 5 000 while the players are at the locations on the maps.

Some may think that this game is about guessing the street or the city, but it is about checking the sun position, the climate, and the people around. Everything on this game is a hint.

Shrek Superslam (2005)

One of the most popular animated movies in history was about a big green ogre, who fell in love with a beautiful princess. Their love story was one of the favorite fairytales in the world. Seeing such popularity, the gaming developers decided to launch a game based on their story.

Moreover, the game includes popular memes about characters and other jokes from the Internet communities. The dynamic and positive game has become a great addition to the movie experience.

Turbo Racing League

The story about the fastest snail in the world has also become one of the favorites among adults and kids. However, the developers decided to add some new characters to the game like Snoop Dogg and Ryan Reynolds.

In 2013, there was even a tournament of this game with a $1 million prize fund. The first place was taken by the player, who participated accidentally. The price for the first place was $290 000. The player who took second place got a $40 000 prize.

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