Spillemyndigheden Allowed Ops to Have Equipment Abroad

According to the latest news about the gambling law in Denmark, the country’s regulator gave official permission to operators to locate their equipment abroad.

The regulator has announced that now licensed gambling companies have a legal right to place their data hardware outside Denmark.

EU regulations led to the change

The main reason for this decision is a recent change in the legislation determined by the European Union. The EU legal framework obligates free data sharing, which has resulted in new developments in the Danish regulations. It is worth mentioning that, initially, the regulator didn’t allow gambling firms to have their equipment located overseas. Those licensed operators, which didn’t have it within the country’s territory, couldn’t offer their services to Danish users.

Starting from May 30, companies are permitted to place their data without the bind only to their home state. This ensures that Denmark’s regulations don’t contradict the EU rules. The change is applicable to such sectors as remote casinos as well as online and land-based betting. Although operators have got the freedom in terms of data storage, they are required to provide Spillemyndigheden with access to their equipment for examining.

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