Playson Agree Casino Game Development Deal With Bet365

Playson and major online sportsbook Bet365 have agreed a new deal to share live casino games inventory as well as focus on developing titles for both platforms. The agreement between the two parties will allow them both to develop new live casino games while also sharing development resources so that they can make higher quality products for their massive user bases. Bet365 are one of the biggest betting sites in the world and Playson are extremely happy to have an opportunity to work alongside them even if it is only for a year.

Bet365 and Playson have announced a new content management deal which will allow them to exchange inventories as well as provide each other with new live casino games to bolster the already incredible online experiences they offer. ©whekevi/Pixabay

Both companies are extremely pleased to announce the partnership between two of the most successful online betting market holders over the last decade. Playson have focused heavily on software development while Bet365 are primarily an online sportsbooks and both have been long-standing titans of the sector in Europe. Bet365 have one of the largest user bases in the world with over 30 million active accounts on their platform. They have established domains in every corner of the world but there most successful market is undoubtedly Europe.

The popularity gained from this agreement could be crucial for both companies going forward as they’re constantly looking to scale the business to new heights and increase profit margins. Bet365 are continuing their quest to build a European empire by buying up numerous small start-ups interested in innovative technology, but they have been in the target of the competition authorities because of it. They have to steer clear of any controversy if they want the launch to be as successful as possible, but as they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

They have been consistently involved in the development of innovative technology in the field of online betting and adding Playson to the roster will only increase the future possibilities of the development team. Highly skilled engineers work for both businesses and when combining them together, it could cause a massive pool if creative thinking which could lead to future profitable projects. Only time will tell on how successful the two companies will be together, but industry experts predict a sharp rise in market share for Playson in Europe.

Playson Take The Spotlight

Bet365 have confirmed with the help of their suppliers that Playson will rank among the highest of the developer studios associated with the multimillion betting company. Effectively they have become the right-hand man of Bet365 thanks to skilled negations on the part of Playson but also their outstanding track record which speaks for itself. You cant talk about Bet365 without mentioning the CEO who has been in the news for a number of reasons. On a positive note, she donated $10 million to the British NHS, which earned her a wealth of applause from the British public.

Now moving on to the lesser pleasing statistics. Denise Coates has been up to some very unethical practices over the last few years and perhaps the biggest scandal surrounding her name relates to the bonuses she awarded herself in 2021. Last year, Ms. Coates paid herself $500 million in bonuses within a 12-month period. An eye-watering amount for any human on the planet and she has awarded it to herself in a rather relaxed manner which only infuriated the British and European public even more. Many described it as unethical and morally wrong, but she defended her actions and has since gone onto claim a further $20 million since the beginning of 2022.

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