Online gaming provider BETER Live to add BetConstruct's FTN as supported cryptocurrency

Gaming solutions provider BETER Live has announced that it is planning to add SoftConstruct's Fasttoken (FTN) to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. 

The inclusion of FTN in BETER Live's supported cryptocurrencies will start during Q1 of 2023. FTN is the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem, as well as the adopted cryptocurrency of betting and gaming software provider BetConstruct

“FTN is the official cryptocurrency of Fastex ecosystem and the native token of the Fastex Chain developed and curated by leading tech giant SoftConstruct,” Fasttoken's website describes.

“With SoftConstruct's vast network, over 1 million active users, and 700 partners all over the globe, FTN will have numerous real-world use cases from day 1 implying high organic growth,” a statement further describes.

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