Oddin.gg signs new partnership with React Gaming's esports betting subsidiary LOOT.BET

B2B provider of esports solutions Oddin.gg announced it has entered a new partnership agreement with React Gaming's wholly-owned LOOT.BET subsidiary.  Pursuant to the deal, Oddin.gg will provide LOOT.BET with its esports odds feed and help it scale its operations worldwide. 

This partnership is excellent news for LOOT.BET, as it will enhance our outline betting platform capabilities and functionalities and help us achieve our goal of increasing customer engagement and topline performance,” said Leigh Hughes, CEO of React Gaming.

“Given that Oddin.gg has the highest industry uptime and best odds quality, its solutions could also have a positive impact on our operating margins, which is another benefit of using their solutions,” Hughes further pointed out. 

LOOT.BET operates in the esports betting sector, with a focus on live betting and online gaming. The brand has over 500,000+ registered users, and is supported by a professional operational and software development team of over 50 employees. 

“LOOT.BET focuses on providing gamers with the most engaging betting solutions, hence the quality of the odds feed and lines availability is extremely important,” added Peter Zhalau, CEO of LOOT.BET. “Our trading team was impressed with the quality of the esports lines quoted by Oddin.gg.”

According to Zhalau, Oddin.gg's team “is clearly capable of performing at the highest levels” and will help the operator scale and grow its business worldwide so it can dedicate its internal capacities to other initiatives. “Oddin.gg has everything we look for in a partner, and we’re excited about working together with them in the years to come,” noted the CEO.

“LOOT.BET is one of the most established global esports brands and one of the premier platforms in the esports betting space. This partnership confirms that Oddin.gg is moving in the right direction to provide a solution that will certainly help improve LOOT.BET’s trading performance and uptime in the long run,” concluded Marek Suchar, Co-founder and Managing Director of Oddin.gg.

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