Nintendo Insists on Not Giving Developers Tools Set for 4K Switch

According to the latest gaming industry and esports news, Nintendo’s Switch console won’t include the 4K feature.

However, Bloomberg has published the information that the video game company has provided developers with a set of tools for creating 4K games for its device.

Nintendo disclaims the statement

It was revealed that several game development companies got a toolkit from Nintendo for its Switch, which was expected to support the 4K resolution. Among them are both big studios and small firms.

It has turned out that the gaming industry giant won’t include the feature in its device. Those game console fans who have been waiting for the Nintendo Switch with 4K more than for the Outlast release date are disappointed with the news that Nintendo is falling behind its competitors in terms of technical improvement of its products. At the same time, the new edition of the popular game console will have a bigger screen as well as upgraded technology for a visual component. Players will be able to buy the latest version of the Switch on October 8.

Nintendo has published a post on its official Twitter page, saying that the information about the company supplying publishers with the set of tools for the creation of the Switch 4K games isn’t true. It has emphasized that some facts are inaccurate but hasn’t provided any explanations.

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