Microsoft Brings Built-In VPN to Edge Browser

Following the example of tech giants like Google and Apple, Microsoft announced the launch of a free VPN for its browser Edge. To develop the VPN-like service, Microsoft collaborated with Cloudflare. Find more trending news on the GBC Time website.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is now in preview but once it is released to the public, Edge users will get 1GB for free each month. To get access to the service, you have to sign in to the browser with your Microsoft Account.

Although the company doesn’t call the new feature a VPN and refers to it as an iCloud Private Relay, the functions of the Secure Network are the same as that of the VPN. The Network encrypts users’ online connections, protecting the privacy of their data. The service allows to avoid the online threat and prevents Internet providers from collecting info about users, which helps avoid targeted ads from advertising firms. At the same time, it is unclear whether the Secure Network can be used to bypass geolocation blocks.

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