Majority of Football Fans in China Hold Interest in Esports

According to the data published in recent esports news articles, the majority of the Chinese who watch football matches also demonstrate an interest in esports.

The survey has shown that Chinese football fans consider esports football as an alternative to the traditional sport.

Esports betting gains popularity, especially in China

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of sports matches throughout the world, which led to the shift to non-traditional sports. The esports vertical became a perfect substitution for many of those who preferred visiting stadiums and staking on events. However, the attitude toward esports as an alternative to classic types of sport differs from country to country.

The latest poll only confirms this information, stating that eighty-four percent of the Chinese who are fond of football are also fine with esports. The majority of respondents from China have said that esports and traditional football are both engrossing. The United States has the second position in this ranking with sixty-six percent. As for fans from European countries, they don’t have great regard for esports. Only fifty-eight percent of the Spanish fanbase find esports interesting, while only forty-seven percent of the Germans can have it as an option in case of the lack of live events.

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