Legislation News of the Week: Bonus Offer Changes in France, New Loss Limit in Belgium

In the UK, gambling operators have reached out to the new prime minister. The French regulator is reviewing bonus offers and considering introducing a welcome bonus limit and other restrictions. In the meantime, the Spanish government plans to reform gambling laws. A new loss limit has come into effect for Belgian players. Finnish companies got more time to switch to the new ID check system. And the German market has welcomed two new online slot licensees.

UK's new PM received a request from the gambling industry

Rishi Sunak, who became the new UK prime minister this Tuesday, received a request from gambling companies. The gist of their appeal was for the government to submit the carefully revised Gambling Act white paper as soon as possible.

The thing is that the UK has been planning to reform its gambling industry for a long time. However, the destabilized situation at the government level still does not allow authorities to handle this task.

Previously, gambling operators hoped that Liz Truss would focus on this issue and make sure the document would be approved quickly. But after her resignation, the operators decided to call on PM Sunak to take action in this regard to speed up the process.

French regulator tightens rules for bonus offers

French gamblers will face new rules for bonus promotions in the near future. l'Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), which supervises the local industry, plans to ban operators from offering any bonuses to potential gambling-addicted players. On top of that, it also wants to cap the welcome bonus limit at 100 euros and implement some other rules.

One of the key upcoming guidelines refers to the language that gambling companies will have to use when describing bonuses. Operators will be required to communicate all essential information about the offer, including the term to wager the prize money, in the clearest and most transparent manner possible.

Spain to reform gambling legislation

The Spanish Senate supported the reform of gambling laws that were approved in 2011. It means that the country's gambling business will be subjected to major changes in the near future.

To approve the new reform, 146 members of the Senate voted in favor of the initiative this Wednesday. Its main idea is that the Spanish regulator DGOJ can better monitor various sports betting scams and protect players who have become victims of gambling addiction.

Through the changes, the regulator will be able to oversee the “Global Betting Market Research Service” (SIGMA). This database contains information about individuals who are involved in illegal gambling activities.

Belgian players to experience new loss limit

The Belgian royal decree on a maximum weekly loss of 200 euros came into force. This law was published three months ago when Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne was actively promoting this reform.

The local regulator has stated that there may be exceptions for some players if they make a request. It means that gamblers who are not registered in the Central Individual Credit Register of the National Bank as debtors will be able to increase their weekly limit. 

At the same time, the Gaming Commission warns that players should spend no more than 5% of their income on money wagering so that this entertainment hobby does not harm them.

Finnish operators will be able to implement new ID checks later

Licensed gambling companies operating in the Finnish market had to introduce new mandatory ID checks for coupon-based games by 2023. However, external factors such as the conflict in Ukraine and the global pandemic do not allow operators to handle this issue in time.

With this in mind, the local parliament decided to extend the transition period by six months. It means that companies will have to implement the new ID solution for fans of Eurojackpot, Lotto, and other coupon-based games by July 1, 2023.

Two more online slot licensees for the German market

The Sachsen-Anhalt state administration office has issued licenses to provide online slot services to two more gambling operators Novomatic’s Admiral and Interwetten. Therefore, German players already have access to 12 companies that offer licensed online slot gameplay.

It is worth noting that both operators also have licenses for sports betting services. It seems that Novomatic plans to expand its presence in the German market since it was already operating in the country under the Novoline brand. This was made possible thanks to the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling, which was approved in July last year.

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