German Gambling Operators Introduce New Player Verification Method

The German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) analyzed a technological solution that checks the age of casino customers and gave it a positive review. Incode Technologies, the company that developed this software, will be able to help iGaming operators adapt to legislative changes in the gambling industry.

According to an interstate agreement that came into force in 2021, operators are required to verify the identity and real age of players. And since they did not have suitable software, they could not do these verification procedures effectively. Thanks to the Incode Technologies solution, gambling companies will finally be able to fulfill all legal requirements regarding the identification of gamblers.

The software solution will allow gambling platforms to check the age of players by comparing their ID photos with selfie pictures. After several verification processes and tests, the service will provide operators with an overall score based on which they will draw conclusions concerning the received players’ data.

The KJM's main mission is to protect the rights of consumers in the online environment, including in the gambling industry. The innovative Incode technology will help this jurisdiction protect players from the most harmful gambling games and simplify casino registration significantly.

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