Facts about Valkyrae Every Fan Should Know

Twitch has introduced many new digital celebrities who make money on streaming but also attract an audience with their great personal charm. Valkyrae is a streamer with an undisputed charisma, and her popularity on the platform hasn’t occurred by the chance. 

You will find mentions about Valkyrae in many esports news articles. Due to her impressive gaming knowledge and skills, the girl is interesting as an expert for many esports organizations and companies. Being totally in love with games, Valkyrae is ready to talk about them 24 hours. This became the main reason why the development of her career as a streamer was so rapid.

Personal information of Valkyrae: age, boyfriend, and family

Valkyrae’s real name is Rachel Hofstetter. The gamer was born in 1992 in the United States. Her native city is Washington, however, now Rachel lives in Texas.

There isn’t much information about Valkyrae’s family and relatives. She has mentioned that she has several nationalities mixed in her blood, including Spanish and Caucasian. Her father is German and a mother is Filipino. The fusion of ethnicities is reflected in her unusual appearance. Rachel also has a younger sister.

A couple of years ago, Valkyrae made a sad announcement on Twitter. The player said that her brother had committed suicide. It became shocking news for her fans. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only bitter loss in the girl’s family. Her father had an established diagnosis – cancer – which was killing him slowly. The streamer said that she wasn’t ready for her dad’s death, although she understood that cancer would take him away one day.

Being a Twitch celebrity and a real beauty, Valkyrae attracts the attention of many fellows in the streaming vertical and, of course, fans. Rachel’s private life, at the same time, isn’t so unstable and interesting for discussion as Rick Salomon’s numerous love affairs. Not so long ago, she was dating Sonii – a Twitch gamer and YouTube star. In 2020, the couple announced that their relations had come to an end. Later, one of Valkyrae’s fans has written on Twitter that the girl is still interested in her ex-boyfriend because she watches his streams. It isn’t surprising as the couple has been together for more than four years. However, the girl admitted that they had many problems, and they couldn’t live in one house anymore.

valkyrae age

At the current time, the streamer doesn’t have relations with anyone. Although many other YouTube celebrities are always ready to date Valkyrae, she holds off on new relationships.

Recently, a US actor and famous YouTuber Logan Paul has started to be very curious about Valkyrae. His friends talk much about this, saying that Logan is single and has all chances to grab the beauty’s attention.

However, Rachel’s range of interests doesn’t consist only of boys and streaming. One of her hobbies is watching anime. The girl is fond of this genre and can spend hours watching her favorite movies.

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Valkyrae: Twitch career and popularity

Valkyrae’s way of winning the audience began when she was employed by GameStop, a video game company. While working there, the girl started to get more and more interested in gaming, although she didn’t like her job.

Instagram became the next step as Rachel wanted to discuss her hobby with the audience, and this social network helped her with this. It is worth mentioning that she isn’t dedicated to one game and likes to play all types of games, among which are Fortnite, LoL, Teamfight Tactics, etc. At the same time, the streamer plays and streams Fortnite more often than other games. According to the recent data, it takes 49.9% of her time.

However, later, she decided to quit the job and started her career as a streamer. Valkyrae already had a considerable number of followers on Instagram, which influenced the development of her Twitch account positively. She gained over 500 000 followers. In addition to her activity on Twitch, the girl also created a YouTube channel where she continued to post gaming content. The social media gamer drew the attention of a gaming organization – 100 Thieves – and Rachel joined it.

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Valkyrae’s streaming career, content creation on YouTube, and her successful collaborations with brands resulted in impressive revenue. The information about her net worth isn’t available on the web but, as it has been revealed, her monthly income from YouTube varies between $600-10 000. The streamer had paid ads from such brands as:

  • Urban Outfitters;
  • Gymshark;
  • Forever 21.

It isn’t a secret that Rachel likes to buy gaming consoles. Her first console was a Nintendo Entertainment System. Now she is the owner of such devices as:

  • Xbox One;
  • Nintendo 64;
  • Wii U;
  • GameCube;
  • Xbox 360;
  • etc.

So, what is Valkyrae’s secret of growing in popularity? The most obvious one is that she is sincere with her audience, isn’t afraid of speaking about her feelings and revealing her emotional state, and is very supportive of her fans. Having faced many jokes connected with sexism, the female player continued to create content and share it. She always finds kind words for her followers and is full of positive vibes.

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