DiceGirl Answers Top 10 Questions about Casino Streaming – New YouTube Video

Live streaming is a viral trend of the recent years. Namely, in the iGaming niche.

Slot streaming has become a common form of promotion for digital casinos. iGaming brands sign Twitch streamers as affiliates to boost their visibility and target new audiences. To know more about the peculiarities of casino broadcasting, GBC Time has conducted an interview with a popular slot streamer – DiceGirl who has answered 10 most pressing questions about casino streaming.

Known under the nickname DiceGirl, Egle is a 26-year-old Lithuanian slot player and casino content creator. She is passionate about gambling and regularly streams casino games on Twitch. Aside from her broadcasting career and office job, DiceGirl likes longboarding, cycling, and drawing.

Watch our new YouTube video to find out how slot streaming differs from broadcasting of video games, know which casino games are the most popular among the viewers, and how to host an entertaining gambling stream. Egle also told our viewers about her most profitable streams, gaming limits, and her attitude toward gambling. DiceGirl also gave a valuable advice to those who want to try out slot streaming on Twitch.


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