Computer vs. Mobile Device: What Is Better for Casino Games?

Some time ago, the only way to enjoy gambling was to visit a land-based casino. However, over time technologies evolved, and this provided people around the world with the opportunity to enjoy their favorite entertainment everywhere. Now one of the biggest concerns among players is probably choosing the best gambling device to play games.

According to various reports described in the latest gambling news, more and more people pay attention to mobile versions of online casinos. This is mainly facilitated by the high technical performance of modern gadgets and the increasing speed of the Internet connection provided to owners of mobile devices by mobile operators. Thus, we decided to figure out whether mobile gambling is really much better than the one on a computer. And to find out the truth, keep reading this article.

Mobile gambling

For a long period of time, casino games were mainly played on desktop computers as mobile devices did not have the required powerful functionality. However, thanks to the development of new technologies, the first smartphones appeared on the market. The main features of such devices were better hardware capabilities, as well as extensive operating systems, which contributed to their wider software, Internet, and multimedia functionality. This didn’t go unnoticed by representatives of the industry of gambling, who introduced the first mobile versions of casinos to expand their audience.

At that time, mobile casinos couldn’t offer many interesting options – most of them included a few simple games that didn’t require very powerful hardware. Time was passing, new technologies were being developed, and the world of mobile gambling also changed.  Mobile casinos started to feature more and more exciting games with high-quality graphics and design.  Thus, more and more lovers of casino games were switching from gambling on desktop computers to the mobile option. At present, this tendency hasn’t changed.

The main benefit of mobile gambling is the opportunity to play on-the-go. The pace of life of modern people is increasing and they want to always have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite entertainment everywhere. And this is possible if you utilize mobile devices.

Mobile gambling

It is also vital that in mobile games you will be able to find all the promotions that are available in desktop versions. Besides, some operators even suggest additional bonuses for those players who use the mobile applications. If you don’t want to waste time and download an application, you have another great option to start gambling within the Internet as a big number of websites are adapted to mobile screen interfaces.

The improvement of the Internet connection speed has also had a great impact on the popularity of mobile gambling. If you are connected to a 4G or 5G network, you won’t even notice a big difference in loading games between a desktop computer and a mobile device. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and get the best possible experience.

The most important here is, of course, to choose the best gambling establishment. Among the platforms that might be worth your attention is Argo Casino, which offers over 2000 exciting games by the best developers, such as Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Endorphina, and others. All of the games are available in the demo mode, which is a significant advantage for novices. The gambling establishment offers a great promotional program, which includes bonuses for both new customers and regular players. If you want to find out more about Argo Casino, you will find a detailed guide at

However, like everything, mobile gambling also has some drawbacks. The first one is the size of the screens of mobile devices. Overall, the graphics remain the same but as you play on a smaller screen, some details might be different and a little inconvenient. That’s why some players still opt for desktop computers with their classic screens.

Besides, if we talk about playing on-the-go, it’s worth discussing the aspect of battery life. Using a mobile device for playing games, you will notice that this activity will drain the battery extremely quickly. At the same time, this issue can be solved easily – just don't forget to take with you a power bank, which will help to extend your playing time.

Gambling on desktop computers

Gambling on desktop computers

A computer, as a platform for gambling, also has certain benefits. It allows engaging with live dealer games, which use the inherent processing capabilities of desktop computers to offer a truly immersive experience. Besides, the software that is utilized on PCs is sophisticated and resilient, which makes the experience safe.

The next aspect worth considering is the storage space. Some gamblers prefer to download the casino software to their devices as it helps to reduce the load time of the games in the future and the probability of experiencing lag during the process of playing. And it is necessary to remember that the downloaded casino’s software usually takes up a lot of storage space. Mobile devices are not as limited in this regard as they were in the past but in the majority of cases, desktop computers provide better storage space.

Returning to the subject of the screen size, it should be noted that for playing some games it is better to utilize a desktop computer. For instance, poker and roulette are quite interactive games and that’s why require more screen space to assist in displaying the results. PCs will find very few limitations when delivering on all types of casino games, while mobile devices may fail to provide such a complete experience due to limited screen space. At the same time, playing slots will perfectly suit both types of the regarded options.

It is also worth remembering that not only the type of device for gambling is important but also you need to choose the casino carefully. Of course, if you are not a very experienced player, you may not know about all the pitfalls in online gambling and pick a dubious casino. To not face such an issue, read reviews of gambling establishments prepared by experts in this industry. Thus, at you can familiarize yourself with a ranking of the best virtual casinos.



In spite of the fact that the number of people choosing mobile devices for gambling is constantly growing, PC still remains a great option for trying casino games. If you enjoy playing on-the-go and do not pay much attention to the size of the screen, mobile games are more suitable for you. On the other hand, a desktop computer will help you better immerse yourself in the process and enjoy interactive games thanks to the large-sized screen of the PC. Or just try to combine these two options – the capabilities of modern casinos will allow you to do this successfully.

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