Cashless Solution Is Coming – JCM and Global Payments Collaboration

JCM Global has announced a new collaboration with the Global Payments Gaming VIP Mobility solution. The company will integrate its FUZON system and iVIZON to launch a new cashless service for all the casinos. Don’t miss the hottest global news on the GBC Time website.

The main goal for both companies, JCM and Global Payments, is to launch a financial service, which will ease customers’ and casinos’ experiences. Clients will be able to deposit their games using the mobile app. This is a solution for the casinos as well. Operators won’t have to update CMS and service the complicated system integrations.

According to the Global Payments’ statement, VIP Mobility is a cashless payment solution, which doesn’t require registration of the betting account.

Dave Kubajak, JCM SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Operations, said that the main purpose of the company is to provide sweeping development of the gaming.

The industry expects the result of one of the most successful collaborations on April 21-22. The service will be introduced at the NIGA display.

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