BGaming Enters The Greek Market After Delayed Licensing Approval

by Fraser Wallace, 13 December 2021

BGaming are the latest online sportsbook to gain access to the Greek gambling industry after their license application was held in limbo for over six months. They have been waiting for a while for the regulators to approve the license, but after a long delay in communication, they received the good news, and the mission is a go. The live casino service is looking to imprint the company DNA on the domestic market with the potential to expand into other European territories. They’re renowned for having some of the highest quality online content in the Mediterranean sector.

BGaming is the latest online sportsbook to gain access to the Greek market after a long-winded license process involving lawyers and consultants as they tried to hash out the best arrangement for both parties. The process was painful, but eventually, the request went through, and now they will be able to offer their top-notch online casino games to Greek users. ©thanasispp/Pixabay

The Greek market is notoriously difficult to enter, with many sportsbooks struggling to gain license approval even after years of trying. This is due to the impact of the pandemic and the perception of online gambling as a whole. As international lockdown took over the planet, online betting became more and more popular as users found an alternative to land-based casinos, and this has placed more pressure on regulators to audit the market effectively. Users expect a safe and secure environment to bet, and the number of platforms available means that transparency is key to survival.

BGaming, for example, are one of the most successful Mediterranean platforms currently on the web, and they’ve dominated the area for quite some time. Since their founding in 2011, they’ve independently developed a series of casino games so advanced that they can be connected to virtual reality headsets. This is fairly uncommon in the gambling scene, and this helps them to stand out by incorporating VR and Augmented Reality into their service. The R&D department in the company is well funded, and every year, new concepts and directions are planned and executed to the highest level.

They’ve developed many of their own casino games, but they also frequently collaborate with indie studios to assist them with the workload. This has become far more common in the industry as outsourcing is a far cheaper method of expanding inventories than in-house manufacturing. BGaming prioritizes uniqueness and want their platform to be as original as possible, showcasing some of the unique casino games in Europe and forcing the competition to raise their game. The future is certainly bright after they managed to secure a license for the Greek market.

BGaming Consolidate Their Power

BGaming has been successful with many things, but one of the most recognizable traits of the company is the security features they develop. Domains they control have some of the most sophisticated encryption and data protection frameworks that almost impossible malware and external hacks. Consumer data is a major priority for all businesses in the 21st century, and the gambling sector is no different. For analyzing market trends and cementing user trust, account data must be protected at all costs and never be leaked to the public. They are sometimes resulting in catastrophic damage to the brand’s reputation.

Now that they’ve entered the Greek market, BGaming will look to consolidate their power in other European strongholds they possess. Malta, Gibraltar, and Spain are some of the biggest markets they preside in and diverting attention to Greece can threaten the strong market share they own. With proper consultation and data analysis, every sector can be finely balanced to maintain revenue splits in every area effectively. BGaming is looking to the future and hoping that it can expand further than Europe, but the initial operation must be successful in doing so.

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