Answers to the iGaming Industry’s Most Pressing Questions

Regardless of their experience in iGaming, online casino operators sometimes run into challenges regarding how to run their business, solve technical issues, or promote their site.

When that happens, both first-time operators and seasoned veterans turn to Slotegrator Academy, the educational resource of one of the industry’s leading software developers and aggregators. Slotegrator has over 10 years of experience serving the industry with a range of solutions across many international markets. 

Slotegrator Academy was launched in 2019 with the goal of educating new, prospective, and experienced operators. The themes of the educational material range from preventing mistakes during the launch of an iGaming business to expansion into new markets and effective marketing techniques. The Academy draws on the expertise of business development managers, business analysts, chief legal officers, and other representatives of the company’s top management, all of whom have real-life experience in minimizing risk and avoiding strategic errors. And Slotegrator’s content creator, Vasily Levenstam, broadcasts valuable information on the Academy’s YouTube channel.

The Slotegrator Academy portfolio includes more than 500 articles and 3 e-books that can be downloaded for free. Each piece of educational material is based on a detailed analysis of the industry at large, as well as our own research. Over the course of more than 10 years, the Slotegrator team has launched over 150 projects for 200 clients around the world. The company’s partner network includes more than 100 companies in the iGaming industry and related industries.

The Slotegrator team also interviews leading figures in the iGaming industry. In the interviews, game developers, company founders, and other experts share what they’ve learned, analyze the current state of the industry, make informed predictions about its future, and give their recommendations for how to move forward. 

The Academy helps prepare operators to successfully launch online casinos and betting platforms in markets around the world; Slotegrator is an international company that is actively developing in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the CIS. Knowing the nuances of a market is crucial for expansion but even experienced operators can miss key details. Even with a ready-made online casino platform, some markets are impossible to enter without the right modules or solutions.

However, operators who keep up with the regularly updated Slotegrator Academy materials will be well informed on what they need to break into various markets, as well as how to promote their site, which payment methods are popular (or necessary) in their target market, and which games are most popular with their target audience.

Slotegrator Academy is designed for iGaming operators to scale their knowledge — and then to scale their business. By fostering the growth of operators around the world, Slotegrator creates connections that drive the global industry forward.

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