5 Hilarious Stories from the Gambling World

Considering the random nature of gambling entertainment, this risky world has delighted us with amusing stories for years. Moreover, some gamblers face such incredible and funny experiences that even the most naive people find it hard to believe. If you want to have some of these experiences on the best casino sites without a Swedish license, visit this portal – bastaspelbolagutanlicens.com. Nevertheless, many of these situations actually happened, and today we will focus on five such stories that turned out to be true.

The lucky session with a surprise ending

When a woman from Arizona visited a local casino and won $1 200, she was sure that luck was on her side that day. However, her successful gaming session ended on a rather disappointing note. To receive the money, she had to show her I.D. to the cashier. She refused to do so, and the casino employee realized that this woman crossed the US border illegally. Instead of giving the woman her winnings, the gambling venue contacted United States Customs and Border Protection, which deported the player back to Mexico.

Historically successful casino visit

Back in 2000, a prominent land-based casino detained Michael Russo and James Grosjean for alleged cheating. The establishment casually added these players' names to the Griffin Book, which serves as a database of all suspicious gamblers, and thought the story was over.

But the detained and blacklisted players had a slightly different opinion about the situation. They filed a lawsuit against the casino and explained that there was nothing illegal in their actions as they were just counting cards. The court found Michael and James not guilty, and they received financial compensation. In light of this decision, the casino that detained the players and other gambling venues have changed their rules regarding card counting forever. So, if you decide to use this skill in one of the establishments, most likely it will handle your case in an illegal way.

Incredible craps streak


This story revolves around Patricia Demauro – a grandma who loved to hang out at Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. During one of her sessions, she had a $100 starting bankroll and decided to try other games instead of slots. Patricia chose craps, started to roll the dice, and did not lose even once after 154 rolls. Although the woman did not say how much money she won, given that it was a world record, it is safe to assume that she left the casino several hundred thousand dollars richer.

20 seconds of luck


Would you sell everything you have and spend all your savings on one roulette spin? Understandably, this idea will seem pretty crazy to any rational person. However, Ashley Revell, who was extremely passionate about gambling, believed that this approach to roulette was his ticket to a happier life. He wagered his $136 000 on one spin and managed to double that amount within 20 seconds.

FedEx gambling origin

Although FedEx is an incredibly popular shipping company, few people know that it would not exist if it were not for gambling. When the CEO Fred Smith saw that the firm's bank account had $5 000 left in 1973, he had to pay the $24 000 fuel bill somehow. Instead of coming up with some reasonable solution, Fred went to Las Vegas to multiply his last money. And within one night, Smith increased his budget by $22 000 at the blackjack table. Thanks to this victory, Fred stayed in the shipping business and grew his company to over 300 000 employees.

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