5 Bizarre Esports Superstitions

Although many people think that esports has nothing to do with real sports, in reality, these competitive niches have many similarities. One such common denominator is the superstitions that far more gamers tend to believe than you might think. The weird things players notice during matches will definitely surprise and confuse you. And yet, these dubious beliefs have been around in the esports community for years.

9-3 curse

This superstition revolves around a 9-3 score in competitive Valorant games. When one of the teams ends the first half of the match with such a score in their favor, it still loses the match more often than not. While players have long referred to such unfortunate defeats as “9-3 curses”, many fans believe that they are dictated by the human tendency to lose focus when players have a significant advantage over their opponent.

CS: GO main rule

Professional players who participate in CS: GO matches can destroy five opponents with five bullets. However, most of them follow one invariable rule: gamers are never supposed to shoot in-game chickens. There are several maps where these cute birds appear. And the players claim that they do not mess up with them as this often leads to horrible consequences.

Anime profile pictures

This superstition is one of the more hilarious ones. However, if you ask competitive players what they think of gamers with anime profile pictures, their answer might surprise you. Esportsmen claim that when such anime fans play for their team, they turn out to be toxic crybabies most of the time. On the other hand, when it comes to the opposing team, players with anime profile pictures are almost always incredibly skilled.

Call of Duty reload

Call of Duty is an amazing and popular competitive game. But this title usually forms one annoying habit among players – reloading your weapon even when you have enough ammo in your mag. Players who fall victim to this habit face bad repercussions in other first-person shooters like CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege. They reload their weapons too often, and opponents love to capitalize on these moments.

Caster curse

Many esports fans love to blame casters for their favorite teams’ defeats, and for good reason. The thing is that commentators often try to predict upcoming gameplay situations in games like League of Legends or DOTA 2. Moreover, they also tend to overhype some specific teams or players. The only catch is that when this happens, mentioned gamers or teams lose their advantage or lose the match entirely. Therefore, fans ask casters to comment on the game instead of praising certain players.

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